Pelleting set ZSJ25 Max Silos


Pelleting set offered by our company are a set of necessary equipment to start work in the industrial system. The kit includes feeder troughs with adjustable rising turnover, which transports the material to pelletizers through conditioner. Pelletizing process is much simplified than in the case of cooperation with the same pelletizer because feeder maintains a constant dosing conditions and determines conditioner to maintain the set standards of quality and eliminates slight differences humidity. The operator of such a system must ensure permanent access to material feed system and the receipt of the finished pellets. The basic set is equipped with an inverter to regulate and control box and the hopper with a capacity of 0.2 m3 is suitable for manual refilling sawdust.

Efficiency 180 – 220 kg/h
Total power 22 kW
Number of drives 7
Weight 1,5 t.
Required area 12 m2