Rotary dryer SB809


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We would like to propose a rotary dries series designed typically to sawdust on a rotating drum with a diameter Ф 800 and Ф 600. Our Rotary dryes are extremely effective and ensure a quiet work more comfortably. These driers are equipped with safety devices for protection against explosion and against smoke-filled environment, use of appropriate design cyclone makes dust is virtually zero. The solution design is safe and there is no risk of explosion. In the basic drying chamber has a complete set of the start of work in uninterrupted cycle with ovens for firewood (wood waste), has control and measuring equipment. There is a possibility to upgrade basic version by equipping the automatic control of the self-maintaining temperature set point, so that moisture sawdust on the output gap was the least possible. In the case where an investor is the company not having its own waste wood burner we apply the pellet burner as heating medium. Our drying rooms as well as the rest of the range shall be designed, constructed and manufactured in Człuchów. Therefore, all changes and suggestions as to the kind of solutions Our customers will be as far as possible be implemented.

Rotary dryer SB 809

Real efficiency 450 kg/h
Total power 5,5 kW
Number of drives 2
Drum length 12000 mm
Drum diameter 800 mm
Max length 16000 mm
weight 3700 kg

* with a humidity of 50% to 13%