Automatic wet biоfuel burner ZST 100



The ceramic of combustion head :

Thermal power Connection to the furnace length
100KW 31 x 31cm 92cm

ZST- 100/1,5 m3

Thermal power 100 kW
Thermal power 86000 kcal/h
Fuel consumption kg/h
Fuel consumption 2,5 – 5,5 mp/24h
Fuel tank size 1,5 m3
The electrical power requirements 0,75 kW
 Voltage 230\400 V
Of heated area of the premises about the 640 m2
Gas temp. Exiting from ZST 1000 °C
The boiler a heated surface working with ZST 10 – 12 m2
Weight 730 kg
Fuel tank 1,5m3 diameter 135 cm height 140 cm  The total length of the burner 282 cm.

When the fuel calorific value 12028 KJ \ kg


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